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We specialize in custom solutions for our customers; working closely with you to develop the correct solutions for each project’s needs and specifications. We are your team in prepreg research & development.

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In addition to conventional resin systems, we provide cutting-edge custom resin formulations to meet your specific performance requirements. NOTEWORTHY DEVELOPMENTS
  • AX-7800: Water-based Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) Prepreg for high temp applications requiring up to 1800°F continuous service temperature
  • AX-2116: 350°F curing Film Adhesive for high peel strength applications designed for metal and composite bonding of solid and honeycomb sandwich constructions
  • AX-3170: Cyanate Ester Fiberglass Prepreg for structural parts requiring up to 700°F continuous service temperature
  • AX-5201XL: Epoxy Carbon Prepreg designed for vacuum bag only processing using a flexible cure cycle to achieve excellent surface quality for large part construction
  • Team-based formulation and process development
  • Partner with customers to develop solutions
  • Blue sky solutions and initiatives
  • Wide range of production equipment techniques
  • Proper equipment and staff for qualification efforts
  • Ability to turn R&D into qualifications rapidly
  • Axiom Materials has a strong combination of Ph.D formulation and chemistry experts, along with competent technical and process engineering personnel to support prepreg and technology developments.
  • All salespersons are experienced in and have relationships in the advanced composites industry, and most salespeople hold technical degrees and/or industry certifications.