Quality & Testing


QMS Certifications

Axiom Materials is dedicated to providing excellence in the quality of our materials, products, and service while conforming to our customer’s unique specifications and requirements. We are both AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is approved and certified to the current specification revisions through DEKRA Certification, Inc., an ANAB accredited registrar. Our Quality Policy: We promote a safe, open, and positive work environment for employees while maintaining friendly, value-added relationships with our customers and suppliers. Management is committed to exceeding quality objectives with continuous improvement, communication, and fully satisfying our customers’ needs.


AS9100D is the most up-to-date standard set forth by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). In the global aerospace market, suppliers must rise to the challenge of meeting or exceeding regulatory and statutory requirements in producing safe, reliable products.

Axiom has QMS Certifications

Physical Testing

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Our extensive physical testing facilities give us the ability to thoroughly test our products for a range of characteristics, giving our clients complete confidence in the ability of our products to fulfill their intended uses. Our testing regimen includes:


  • Resin content (various methods)
  • Gel time
  • Volatile content
  • Laminate thickness/hardness
  • Laminate void content
  • Flow Percentage
  • Weight variation
  • Expansion Ratio

Chemical / Analytical Testing

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Determining that chemical content is within the specifications of each product is vital for our clients to determine the suitability of our products. With this in mind, all of our processes are subject to rigorous chemical and analytical testing. This covers:


  • Particle Analyzer
  • Humidity conditioning
  • Viscometry
  • RDS / Dynamic viscosity
  • DSC / Calorimetry
  • FTIR / Chemical Analysis
  • Moisture Content
  • Extraction / Filtration
  • Muffle Furnaces

Composite Curing

Our composite curing facilities are constantly monitored to ensure timings and temperature control are within the tightly-set limits for each product. Whether for full production runs or sample pieces, our quality engineers are always looking for ways to improve our processes, which include:


  • Autoclave curing of test panels up to 400F and 200 psi
  • Vacuum bag curing of test panels/laminates (6 ovens)
  • CMC / Sintering (3 furnaces)
  • Multi-opening platen presses (6 presses) up to 2ft x 2ft dimension for multiple test panel layup.
  • Produce various laminate and honeycomb sandwich structure prototype composite constructions.
  • Specimen finishing and machining (CNC, water jet, finishing grinders, routers, etc.)

Mechanical Testing

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  • Tensile, tensile shear, flatwise tensile strength & modulus
  • Open hole compression
  • Flexural and interlaminar shear strength & modulus
  • Honeycomb sandwich long beam flexural and shear stress (3 or 4 point load)
  • Climbing drum peel, t-peel, and bell peel
  • High-temp (up to 600°F) / low temp (-67°F) for PMC
  • High-temp up to 2200°F for CMC
  • MTS & United test equipment and environmental systems