Tooling Prepregs & Ancillary Products


Tooling Prepregs & Ancillary Products

Axiom Materials formulates and manufactures epoxy and BMI tooling prepreg for demanding mold making applications. Coupled with our variety of ancillary products such as primers, adhesives, panel fillers, core splice and sealing resins, Axiom can provide materials that will assist you from product development to launch of your composite product. Our variety of products can be found in our Product Selector Guide and can be tailored to your expectation.


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Product Features

Tooling Prepregs – Axiom Materials tooling prepregs in both epoxy and BMI provide the flexibility to manufacture a tool with excellent cosmetics and no pinholing under a variety of cure conditions. Whether you are curing in an autoclave or out of autoclave, we have a tooling prepreg to meet your needs.


Ancillary Products – Axiom Materials ancillary products provide the tools you need to complete your project. Edge sealing resins in polyimide and phenolic and fire retardant expanding edge closeout foams for use in panel and honeycomb core manufacturing are standard offerings. Axiom also offers corrosion inhibiting primers for low and high temperature applications in metal/metal bonding, which are also sprayable. Further, our 2-part structural epoxy paste adhesives for bonding composites components are all available off the shelf. Reach out to any of our processing experts to assist with your project.


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If you have any questions about our Tooling Prepregs or Ancillary product line please let us know. We are readily available to discuss you application, learn more about your needs, and address any questions.

Applicable Markets



Product Description Applications Form Matrix Color Max. Short Term Use Temp, °F (°C) Max. Continuous Operating Temp, °F (°C) Comments
AX-1000 Corrosion Inhibiting Primer General purpose corrosion inhibition for metal / metal bonding Sprayable primer Yellow 250°F (121°C) for bake 300°F (149°C) Compatible with most 250°F (121°C) film adhesives
AX-1001 High Temperature Corrosion Inhibiting Primer General purpose corrosion inhibition for high temperature metal / metal bonding Sprayable primer Red 350°F (177°C) for bake 360°F (182°C) Compatible with most 350°F (177°C) film adhesives
AX-1013 General Purpose Structural Epoxy Paste Adhesive Room temperature bonding for metal/metal, metal/composite, composite/composite parts 2-component paste compound Cream Room Temp. 160°F (71°C)
AX-1014 General Purpose, Two Component Epoxy Paste Adhesive General purpose bonding of masonry,concrete, composites, and metals 2-component paste compound Amber Room Temp. 160°F (71°C) Low viscosity. Designed for masonry-composite bonding
AX-1033FR Low Density, Flame Retardant Epoxy Core Edge Closeout Core edge filling of honeycomb structures 2-component, low density dough White Room Temp. 180°F (82°C) Designed for weight-sensitive applications
AX-1300 Phenolic Sealing Resin Sealing and finishing of phenolic composites 1-component resin Amber or Black 300°F (149°C) 500°F (260°C) Can be dyed black
AX-1611 Polyimide Sealing Resin, MDA-Free Sealing and finishing of polyimide composites 1-component resin Amber or Black 350°F(177°C) 640°F (338°C) Can be dyed black

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