Axiom Honeycomb


Axiom Honeycomb

Advanced Honeycomb Technologies (AHT) has joined the Axiom Materials family and will be called Axiom Honeycomb. We are proud to announce our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, California.


At Axiom Honeycomb, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality honeycomb cores that meet or exceed contractor specifications. Our cores are used in a diverse range of products, including commercial aircraft, communications and transportation equipment, space vehicles, construction materials, and recreational and sporting goods.

axiom honeycomb

Aerospace Grade Nomex® Honeycomb

AHN 4120 is an Aerospace Grade Nomex® Honeycomb which exhibits high strength and toughness in a small cell, low density, non-metallic honeycomb.

Commercial Grade Nomex® Honeycomb

AHN 7800 is an Commercial Grade Nomex® honeycomb particularly suited for use where resistance to corrosive attack and moisture are important.

Client's Feedback

With MSC being a company that is always seeking to push the limits of multi-functional composites, Axiom Materials has been an invaluable resource in providing unique resin solutions to our specialty textile products. Their willingness to collaborate and then deliver when time is of the essence is a rarity in today's composites market. All of us here at MSC look forward to continuing this innovation-rooted relationship well into the future.


Vice President - Engineering