Aviation and spaceflight push the boundaries on strength-to-weight ratios, performance in both high temperatures and harsh environments, precision, and guaranteed service life.  Modern aerospace companies turn to Axiom because our composite matrix designs, polymer matrix prepregs, and film adhesives deliver custom-tailored strength, efficiency, and performance in extreme environments – all while reducing vibration fatigue, emissions, and noise.  Axiom is the largest global producer of jet engine extreme temperature Ox-Ox ceramic composites, and our experience is paid forward to you: extensive, cost-effective, and customizable material libraries, expert R&D, CTE matched epoxy and BMI tooling products, and cost-efficient vacuum-bag-only processing.



composite materials for air mobility and drones

Air Mobility

Air Mobility inherits Axiom’s aerospace legacy of proven lightweight, strong, non-corroding, and fatigue-resistant composite prepregs that deliver performance, range, and load capacity while decreasing energy consumption.  Customization matches EM frequencies and dampens noise, and components are easily tooled and scaled to production.




Within the aircraft, Axiom’s high-strength, lightweight, durable materials are further customized with flame-retardant resins and noise-reducing prepregs.  The reduced weight and fatigue decrease maintenance costs and fuel consumption, while the design flexibility provides modern comfort and aesthetics.



advanced composites aerospace interiors


High mechanical strength-to-weight and temperature performance, combined with excellent corrosion and fatigue performance, have made Axiom materials successful in numerous applications including: engine components, structural prepregs, fuselages and wing covers, helicopter rotor blades, flame retardant reinforced interiors, insulation, and sealings.



Launch Vehicles

Space Launch is a core focus for Axiom Materials. Lightweight and mechanical advantages are combined with composites and prepregs manufactured to sustain extreme loads and vibration, as well as provide steep temperature shielding gradients and impact protection with unparalleled design flexibility.



advanced composite materials for launch vehicles

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Axiom composite materials radomes


Axiom’s lightweight PMC and CMC prepregs offer excellent electromagnetic transparency. Along with a high compressive strength, chemical and electrical inertness, low dielectric constant, low loss, and high temperature resistance, our materials are ideal and efficient for radome construction: both ground-based and airborne.




Axiom’s PMC and CMC prepregs and surfacing films push modern jet engine performance and efficiency with high temperature and strength-weight materials that decrease vibrational fatigue, chemical susceptibility, and noise production:  from fan blades, thrust reversers, mixers, and nacelles to fire shields that increase engine safety.



advanced composite materials for aircraft engines


Satellites use Axiom’s prepregs and film adhesives to meet extreme weight, strength, and temperature demands in space. Our materials are also used for heat shielding, defense against micro meteorites and space debris, and bonding of seals, gaskets, and tiles.



Extreme Temperature Ceramics

Axiom Materials is the world’s largest industrial producer of Oxide-Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composite prepreg materials. Axiom has invested in fully automated process equipment and test labs to produce an array of CMC material types:

  • Woven Prepregs for large structural parts
  • Unidirectional Slit Tapes for precise placement using AFP and ATL equipment
  • Adhesives for bonding parts together
  • Surfacing Films for smooth, cosmetic finish
  • Bulk and Injection Molding Compounds for complex 3-D shaped parts



Client's Feedback

NIAR Automated Technologies Laboratory for Aerospace Systems (ATLAS) partnered with Axiom Materials to investigate the automated fiber placement (AFP) of AX-7810UD-330N610-0.5", a solvent-based Ox-Ox Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) unidirectional slit tape that can be used for high temperature applications up to 1,650 °F, such as engine components. Several variants were slit using a NIAR slitter, capable of continuous in-process inspections to investigate the slit-tape quality in order to ensure that the material will process through the AFP system without any manufacturing defects.   "Working in partnership with the technical team at Axiom Materials, we were quickly able to implement several improvements to the AFP system in order to precisely process slit narrow tape CMC materials efficiently," said Josh Goertz, a senior research engineer at ATLAS who has over 10 years of experience with AFP systems.

Josh Goertz


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