Axiom materials manufacturing extends across the forefront of modern energy: power generation, lithium battery enclosures, hydrogen and natural gas pressure enclosures, refractory piping, and fracking bridge plugs. We are the largest global producer of Ox-Ox composites for solid oxide fuel cells and lithium battery enclosure, and we produce an extensive line of composites and adhesives for downhole applications. We are proud to apply the unique properties of our custom-tailored composites and films to help secure and advance the future of energy.



composite materials for power generation applications

Power Generation

Axiom’s lightweight composites and oxide CMC materials deliver strength and chemical impermeability to power generation. Increasing efficiency and reducing electric component life cycle cost, Axiom’s materials are used in traditional energy production, and modern wind, solar, tidal, and fuel cell applications.



Refractory Piping

Petrochemical tubing manufactured with Axiom’s CMCs, prepregs, and resins resists both high temperatures and aggressive chemical attacks. Our CMCs are custom-tailored to support the high pressure, vibration, corrosive, and extreme temperature environments.



Refractory Piping composite materials
hydrogen fuel cell

Fuel Cells

Our lightweight solutions resist thermal expansion at extreme temperatures and have made Axiom the leading global producer of Ox-Ox composites for solid oxide fuel cells.



Hydrogen & Natural Gas Pressure Vessels

Hydrogen and natural gas pressure vessels are typically overlayed or wound with Axiom’s lightweight composites to achieve cost-effective, high-tensile strength protection. This increases longevity and ease of installation and repair.



Pressure Vessels using composites

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Lithium Ion battery enclosure from composite materials

Lithium Battery Enclosures

Axiom’s CMCs control thermal runaway in lithium battery enclosures. Our composite materials are lightweight, resist vibration, and reduce noise in both aircraft and automobile applications. Axiom is the largest global producer of Ox-Ox composites for lithium battery enclosures.



Oil & Gas Burners

Axiom CMCs excel in oil and gas burners not only because of their high temperature, high strength, corrosion resistance, but also because they are lightweight, vibration resistant, and noise muffling. These materials can be optimized for heat transfer or insulation, producing efficient, durable burners.



Composite materials used in oil and gas burners
Ceramic matrix composite burner tip

Extreme Temperature Ceramics

High-temperature industrial applications turn to Axiom Materials for high temperature, corrosion resistant, lightweight solutions that increase efficiency and service life. Axiom’s CMC surfacing films provide excellent finish and reduced porosity.



Frac Plugs

Frac plugs take advantage of Axiom’s composite materials for high-pressure resistance and chemical resistance to improve pump rates, and simultaneously remove more debris to save processing time and cost. These plugs are smaller, more compact, and designed with custom composite materials.




composite materials for frac plugs

Client's Feedback

NIAR Automated Technologies Laboratory for Aerospace Systems (ATLAS) partnered with Axiom Materials to investigate the automated fiber placement (AFP) of AX-7810UD-330N610-0.5", a solvent-based Ox-Ox Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) unidirectional slit tape that can be used for high temperature applications up to 1,650 °F, such as engine components. Several variants were slit using a NIAR slitter, capable of continuous in-process inspections to investigate the slit-tape quality in order to ensure that the material will process through the AFP system without any manufacturing defects.   "Working in partnership with the technical team at Axiom Materials, we were quickly able to implement several improvements to the AFP system in order to precisely process slit narrow tape CMC materials efficiently," said Josh Goertz, a senior research engineer at ATLAS who has over 10 years of experience with AFP systems.

Josh Goertz


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