Infrastructure & Construction

From architectural components to concrete reinforcement, mass transit to earthquake remediation, Axiom provides the latest high-strength, weight-reducing, impact and corrosive resistant, and performance-improving materials. Axiom’s composite structural prepregs increase mechanical strength and service life with advantages that only composites and structural prepregs can provide. Take advantage of the flexibility and the freedom to create new and unique structures with low time-to-market, and save with lightweight materials that lower costs of transport and installation.



composite materials for mass transit applications

Mass Transit

Mass transit immediately benefits from Axiom’s high strength-weight materials that increase operational and cost efficiency. But they also get flame-retardant, corrosion resistance materials that extend life cycles and decrease service costs, film adhesives that eliminate mechanical fasteners and increase strength, and lightweight prepregs for attractive interiors.




Axiom manufactures structural composites and prepregs that provide engineers with lightweight construction capabilities, flame-retardant resins, laminates, paneling, and ducting epoxies. Engineers profit from design flexibility, reduced transport and installation costs, along with chemical inertness and fatigue resistance that extend life cycles.



composite materials for buildings


Architects choose Axiom’s materials because they are stronger, lighter, chemically inert, and resist fatigue better than their predecessors. At the same time, the materials’ flexibility allows unique design structures, and their reduced weight and long-life cycle save on transport, installation, and maintenance.



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Concrete Reinforcement

Axiom’s lightweight, high tensite strength composites and epoxy adhesives are high resistant to correosion, trump changes, and chemical attacks in concrete reinforcements. They are ideal for general construction, roads, and bridges.



composites for earthquake remediation

Earthquake Remediation

The tailored stiffness, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and large deformation capacity of Axiom materials have made them an ideal choice in earthquake remediation. Their low weight and design variability also provide more precise and effective remediation while saving on installation and servicing.



Energized Transmission Line Tools

Axiom’s CMCs and prepregs are electrically inert and offer design flexibility that’s essential in empowering and protecting our linemen, electricians, and the grids themselves. Their high fatigue resistance makes for long-lasting tools that reduce the costs of grid repair and avoids network shutdowns.



Composite materials for energized transmission lines

Client's Feedback

NIAR Automated Technologies Laboratory for Aerospace Systems (ATLAS) partnered with Axiom Materials to investigate the automated fiber placement (AFP) of AX-7810UD-330N610-0.5", a solvent-based Ox-Ox Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) unidirectional slit tape that can be used for high temperature applications up to 1,650 °F, such as engine components. Several variants were slit using a NIAR slitter, capable of continuous in-process inspections to investigate the slit-tape quality in order to ensure that the material will process through the AFP system without any manufacturing defects.   "Working in partnership with the technical team at Axiom Materials, we were quickly able to implement several improvements to the AFP system in order to precisely process slit narrow tape CMC materials efficiently," said Josh Goertz, a senior research engineer at ATLAS who has over 10 years of experience with AFP systems.

Josh Goertz


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