Sports & Recreation


Sports & Recreation

Pushing the performance envelope means redefining the equipment. Axiom offers the next generation in strength-to-weight ratios, flexural strength, durability, energy storage, and design. Axiom has an extensive history of delivering high-performance carbon fiber, fiberglass, and honeycomb core composites, uniquely designed for athletes and their environments, as well as film adhesives that provide superior bonding and smooth finishes to eliminate degradation and the need for repair.



sports and recreation composite materials
carbon fiber fishing rods

Fishing Rods, Golf Shafts, Hockey Sticks, & Vaulting Poles

The precise customizability and strength-weight advantages of Axiom’s prepregs have made us a leader in high-end sporting equipment. From tailored rigidity in golf shafts, to flexibility in pole vaults and fishing rods, our materials offer strong, lightweight, aesthetic solutions that absorb shock and redirect energy.



Bike Frames & Wheels

Axiom’s prepreg composites not only improve strength/weight in bicycle frames, wheels, and other components, but they also absorb shock and vibration.  The results are measurable performance improvements across all terrains, as well as a quieter, more durable, and comfortable bicycle.



composite materials bike frame
carbon fiber paddles and racquets

Racquets & Paddles

Rackets and paddles manufactured with Axiom’s reinforced epoxy prepregs are stronger, lighter, and come with customizable parameters and flexible designs that redirect energy to fine-tune performance. These materials also have a modern fiber appearance and low wear and fatigue, promoting extensive, long-term use.



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Musical Instruments

Axiom’s composites make instruments stronger and lighter while providing immunity to temperature and humidity fluctuations to deliver superior tuning stability. Their impact resistance makes them ideal for on-the-go musicians, and the material flexibility allows for a more ergonomic design.



Client's Feedback

NIAR Automated Technologies Laboratory for Aerospace Systems (ATLAS) partnered with Axiom Materials to investigate the automated fiber placement (AFP) of AX-7810UD-330N610-0.5", a solvent-based Ox-Ox Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) unidirectional slit tape that can be used for high temperature applications up to 1,650 °F, such as engine components. Several variants were slit using a NIAR slitter, capable of continuous in-process inspections to investigate the slit-tape quality in order to ensure that the material will process through the AFP system without any manufacturing defects.   "Working in partnership with the technical team at Axiom Materials, we were quickly able to implement several improvements to the AFP system in order to precisely process slit narrow tape CMC materials efficiently," said Josh Goertz, a senior research engineer at ATLAS who has over 10 years of experience with AFP systems.

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