Laboratory & Warehouse Expansions

Axiom Materials, Inc. announces plans to expand laboratory & warehouse spaces at the main plant in Santa Ana, CA.  Enhanced facilities will support the Company’s growth in response to high demand for continued speed & flexibility in advanced composites materials supply, as well as offer improved workflow & environments for the additional testing requirements of our customers.  While both projects are in the early stages, the estimated completion is currently February 2016.   Capacity planning efforts on both sides ensure that the Company can successfully respond to the steady incline we are experiencing in both our customer base and in the overall volume of orders received.


The newly redesigned laboratory, located in our 2322 building, will nearly double the size of our existing laboratory.  The upgraded lab will be outfitted with enhanced testing capabilities, improved technical controls, and additional storage, computing, meeting, and R&D spaces.  The new laboratory has been designed not only to provide improved workflow and efficiency but also with enhanced mechanical and analytical testing capabilities coupled with improved temperature and humidity control systems.


Expanding our adjacent warehouse space at 2320 will allow the Company to respond more quickly to our customers by enabling a greater inventory of raw materials on site.  The additional space for dry goods storage will allow the Company to outfit existing spaces for additional tooling, machinery, refrigeration, and shipping & receiving support.  Opening new warehouse space will more than double our dedicated inventory footprint, in turn reducing the burden on our suppliers and purchasing team, and enhancing the speed and flexibility with which we can respond to customers’ demands.