NIAR Testing of Axiom Materials’ Oxide Oxide CMC Prepreg


Axiom Materials is pleased to announce a cooperative program with Wichita State University’s National Institute of Aviation Research (NIAR) for the development of test techniques and data on our Oxide-Oxide ceramic matrix composite (CMC) prepreg AX-7800-610 DF11 (Nextel Style 610 ceramic fiber, 3M). Oxide-Oxide CMCs are finding increased applications in aircraft engine components and other high temperature areas in both aerospace and non-aerospace components. This program seeks to both (A) provide a database for design and certification and (B) improve the understanding of test techniques required to properly characterize CMC materials. The multi-batch characterization and data development test program is currently underway. Fabrics, supplied by 3M, have been treated with Axiom’s AX-7800 slurry and supplied to Applied Composites (Lake Forest, CA) for panel fabrication and sintering. Data will be reported in the NCAMP database and CMH-17 Handbook and are expected to be ready in 2019. The data will be made available to part fabricators for use in the design and testing of Oxide-Oxide CMC composite components. Additional qual details may be found at this link.