Axiom Materials, one of KORDSA’s US-based subsidiaries, introduces CerFace™ AX-8810


Axiom Materials, one of KORDSA’s US-based subsidiaries, has announced the launch of its latest novel product line of Oxide-Oxide CMC surfacing films under the trade name of CerFace. The first product of the line is CerFace™ AX-8810, a surfacing film designed to improve the outer finish of ultra-high temperature CMC components to reduce manufacturing costs and improve part lifecycle.

Axiom Materials Inc., one of KORDSA’s, a global player in the tire, construction reinforcement, and composites technologies market, US-based subsidiaries, announced the launch of its latest Oxide-Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composite product line: CerFace™ surfacing films. Axiom, the only worldwide qualified manufacturer of Oxide-Oxide ceramic matrix prepregs on an industrial scale, has also introduced its first CerFace™ product, AX-8810, which is uniquely engineered to co-cure with Axiom’s Ox-Ox prepregs to reduce surface porosity and to improve surface finish. The product protects exposed fibers and minimizes surface roughness of CMC components for operating temperatures of up to 1093⁰C. Application of the film in a single-step process eliminates the need for traditional coatings and secondary processes for significant cost reduction. Axiom Materials had filed for an international patent for the CerFace™ surfacing films in 2019.

The CerFace™ AX-8810 film is non-toxic and environmentally benign. The Oxide matrix is applied to an Oxide carrier using advanced solution coating techniques to maximize product performance. CerFace™ AX- 8810 is currently being offered in rolls of 61 cm width, and 23 m length. Wider widths will be available in the future.

Raj Dhawan, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Axiom, is the inventor and patent holder of the product. Regarding the product, Mr. Dhawan commented, “CerFace™ AX8810 is a flagship product for Axiom’s CMC product line and its new High-Temperature Composite Center in Santa Ana, California. High surface porosity and roughness of Ox-Ox CMC, that is typical of Ox-Ox components, can be detrimental in applications where airflow, drag, and friction are a factor in overall efficiency of the component. Our CerFace™ AX-8810 can be co-cured and sintered with the Ox-Ox prepregs to produce CMC components of superior surface quality without the costly steps of secondary coatings and processing. CMC components with the surfacing film result in superior performance and life cycle. I’m proud to say that the product has received wide and enthusiastic acceptance by our aerospace and industrial customers based on their evaluation and manufacturing trials.”

CerFace™ is used in high temperature components for industrial and aerospace markets. Typical industrial applications may include combustors, shrouds, gas filters for power generation and furnace hardware, and typical aerospace applications may include lightweight aero-engine components such as the mixer, center body and cone sections; hot sections of the aircraft structures near the engine, and radomes. Application of CerFace™ also enhances the precision of machining and drilling of the CMC component. The Company plans to introduce additional CerFace™ films for modifying the surface properties of Ox-Ox CMC components in the future.

KORDSA is the global player of tire, construction reinforcement, and composites technologies market. As the worldwide leader of the tire reinforcement technologies market, it carries out production through a vast area from the USA to the Asia Pacific and supplies its reinforcement technologies to the whole world. With its business processes all based on R&D and innovation, KORDSA has 868 patent applications worldwide.

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About Axiom Materials Inc.
Axiom Materials, Inc. has manufactured materials for the world’s most complex applications for over a decade. As a global leader in advanced composite materials, Axiom creates solutions such as providing heat protection for rockets, making aircraft lighter, and industrial equipment more durable. Axiom’s advanced technology composite materials have become the industry standard in the composite market through R&D studies, new chemistry, and customer-driven applications. Axiom Materials Inc. was acquired by reinforcement leader KORDSA in 2019.

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