Axiom Sponsors Community Workshops

Native Headband Workshop Axiom Materials is proud to be a sponsor of LoveArt& children’s arts workshops. Loveart& is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering youth through art, outdoor adventure and environmental advocacy. Axiom recently sponsored a three workshop series at a local school in Santa Ana, CA.

The LoveArt& workshop series provides a creative education platform to underserved students in schools where arts funding is scarce. Fueled by recycled and repurposed materials, these unique art workshops reinforce current school curriculum while fostering creative thinking. Each two hour workshop is taught onsite in the children’s classroom, integrating student coursework with a creative hands-on project.

Axiom helped sponsor these great workshops for a 4th grade class:Terrarium Workshop

  • Terrarium planting – using recycled plastic water bottles
  • Feather Headband workshop – learning about native cultures & customs.
  • Fossil making workshop – exploring how fossils teach us about the past.

Axiom’s sponsorship assisted in providing teaching staff and materials for each workshop, helping to ensure that these valuable programs were free of cost to both the students and school. We are honored to help LoveArt& nurture the creative minds of children at a time when public schools lack the funding to furnish great arts programs like this one.

If you would like to learn more about LoveArt& or help by donating to their cause visit: