Axiom Develops Innegra™-reinforced Prepreg Systems

Innegra and Carbon Prepreg

Axiom Materials produces Innegra™
polypropylene-based fiber and carbon prepreg

Axiom Materials Inc. has partnered with Innegra Technologies, LLC to deliver an innovative new line of toughened composite prepregs to the advanced composites market. Using Innegra-S, a tough, polypropylene-based fiber reinforcement, Axiom developed woven and unidirectional prepregs based on its AX-201M resin system. Innegra Technologies has conducted a myriad of technical analysis on the mechanical and impact properties of both laminar and sandwich constructions using fiberglass, woven carbon, and unidirectional laminates, and Textreme™ hybrid laminates. The data demonstrate unique properties that make these materials ideal for low weight and damage-tolerant applications. The prepregs may also be used for low RF-signature structures due to their low dielectric properties. Innegra-based and carbon-Innegra hybrid prepregs are especially suited for applications such as performance and racing vehicles, sailboats, antenna housings, and other situations where aramid composites would traditionally be used.

For more details contact  John Adamo, Vice President of Sales, Axiom Materials, Inc., or Jennifer Medlock, Sales & Marketing, Innegra Technologies, LLC.

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Axiom's Innegra™ prepreg

Axiom’s Innegra™ unidirectional prepreg