Axiom Materials is pleased to announce a cooperative program with Wichita State University’s National Institute of Aviation Research (NIAR) for the development of test techniques and data on our Oxide-Oxide ceramic matrix composite (CMC) prepreg AX-7800-610 DF11 (Nextel Style 610 ceramic fiber, 3M). Oxide-Oxide CMCs are finding increased applications in aircraft engine components and other high-temperature areas in both aerospace and non-aerospace components. This program seeks to both (A) provide a database for design and certification and (B) improve the understanding of test techniques required to properly characterize CMC materials. The multi-batch characterization and data development test program is currently underway. Fabrics, supplied by 3M, have been treated with Axiom’s AX-7800 slurry and supplied to Applied Composites (Lake Forest, CA) for panel fabrication and sintering. Data will be reported in the NCAMP database and CMH-17 Handbook and are expected to be ready in 2019. The data will be made available to part fabricators for use in design and testing of Oxide-Oxide CMC composite components. Additional qual details may be found at this link.

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Axiom Announces More Expansion Plans

We’ve signed a lease for an additional 16,000 SF of space near our Santa Ana, CA facility for additional manufacturing, inventory, and technical / laboratory space. We look forward to building out the area for additional capacity and infrastructure.


New UD Line Coming 2018

We are proud to announce the addition of a dedicated Unidirectional Hot Melt Film Coating Machine to produce up to 25” wide unidirectional prepreg capable of producing fiber areal weights down to 60 gsm with on-line slitting capabilities.


Hot Melt Coating Head Improvements

Our process engineering team helped design and install a more accurate resin coater head for Hot Melt Machine #2 to achieve improved areal weight consistency for our film adhesives and prepregs.


New R&D Laboratory

We opened a matrix and adhesive formulating laboratory in Henderson, NV in Fall of 2016.  This facility will help us to continue to drive forward innovation and flexibility in the advanced composites market.


Axiom Warehouse Expansion

Axiom has completed an aggressive expansion of its Santa Ana facility to offer much needed warehouse capacity. The expansion has more than doubled our warehouse space and enables improved product flow through our facility.